Sajid Rizvi 2011: Landscape, mixed media on board

Sajid Rizvi 2011: Landscape, mixed media on board

Sajid Rizvi, London, is the founding editor and publisher of Saffron Books and of various journals, magazines and periodicals, online and/or in print, several of them academically refereed, including Eastern Art Report, Art Criticism Today, East Asia Journal, East Asian Europe, European Crossroads  and The Middle East in Europe/meenet.info.

As a frequent visitor to the United Nations Human Rights Council, Geneva, and other humanitarian fora and think tanks, his overall remit as a writer and commentator includes monitoring and scrutiny of international non-government organisations that are involved with campaigns and public fund-raising for universal rights, governance and human development. This work includes particular focus on identifying governance shortfalls and transparency deficits.

As an artist his work in various media features in gallery exhibitions in Britain and abroad.

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